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Through this class I was able to master mind as well as body. I never thought I would be able to read English or Japanese so fast! This was one of my first classes of BYU and it was wonderful to read the English literature in class! I think that this skill, speed reading, is an important skill that I’ll use through out my college career and the rest of my life. It is indeed time – saving and can be a great asset in the business world – I’m thankful to you for providing the training necessary to gain the full potential of own speed-reading abilities.

To me, the most effective training was 1) the flashing of the sentences on the computer and 2) the reading of certain books for one minute and tracking our progress. Doing this caused me to want to get better. I guess you could say it was my primary motivation. I also liked the eye exercises. I could tell a difference in how fast I could move my eyes almost daily as I would track my own progress. Overall, I would say that the training I received in class was very efficient as well as sufficient.

I’ve definitely felt some big changes in the way I study and the methods I use have changes as well. I once thought that speed reading was impossible, but after seeing my own progress and seeing myself improve so quickly I would say that I have been converted!! This was a great class and a great experience! Thank you so much!

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