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I had an enjoyable time in speed reading class. I feel like I was able to learn new techniques and exercise my eyes to be able to read faster and more efficiently. I also feel I was able to learn a lot of new Japanese vocabulary, Kanji, and culture by reading the stories and example articles, etc.
Although I feel I might have been able to further master to and perfect my speed reading skills had the class been move in depth, I was able to go from having no knowledge to speak of the subject to knowing how to train, practice, and continue my learning of speed reading, and further my skill. Over all I think it was a good experience and I was able to learn a great deal from the class.

I think for me the English speed reading part was particularly effective. I was able to increase my speed at reading English, and remember clearly the content that was included therein. My Japanese speed reading was not so effective as it takes me a certain amount of time to continue up the meanings of the Kanjis in my head, so I was not able to simply read it all at once. Had I been more familiar with the readings of the Kanjis I would have been able to improve my Japanese speed reading to a much further extend. Learning how to link words together was another effective area for me, as now given a sheet of words it is few. Far easier for me to link them together and remember them all.

I think it was important for me to learn how to quickly read and understand the words and phrases put in front of me, I think through this course I was able to gain a greater appreciation of Japanese literature and a greater desire to read and study said literature. I also gained many valuable insights and idea that, I will apply to my methods of reading, studying, and thinking.

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