BYU速読授業の感想<Ball> | SP速読学院




I enjoyed speed reading class very much.
Before taking your class I felt that I was very slow at reading.
Now I feel much more confident in my ability to read.
My ability to read in English has increased remarkably.
I feel like this will help me in my other classes.
My ability to remember things I have read has also increased very much.
This has already helped me with my tests in my other classes.
I even notices that my ability to see has increased; especially my peripheral vision.
While playing sports,I feel more aware of my surroundings.
I feel that the skills I've learned in speed reading class will help me throughout my education, and career.

The most effective training for me was doing the eye stretches, and trying to look my whole range of vision.
This helped me learn to read without having to move my eyes as much.
By using the computer to do word recognition practices, I was able to get to a point where I could read without pronouncing the words in my mind.
This really helped my ability to read fast improve.
The word recollection exercises also helped a lot.
By trying to link words together through creative thinking, I was able to improve my ability to memorize words.
I am hoping that through continued practice I will be able to see the same progress.
I only wish that I had more time to use the computers.
I felt that my progress was improving most quickly while using the computers.

The biggest change I noticed was in my ability to see.
Last week I was in the emergency room.
I splashed some chemicals in my eyes on accident.
They had me take a vision test.
My score on the test was much higher than my normal eye test results.
Normally my astigmatism makes reading difficult.
It seems that doing the eye stretches has strengthened my eye muscles and improves my eye sight.
If nothing else that is an accomplishment I am very happy about.

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